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Workshops presented by June

"How to Write Your Life Story" is a workshop geared for seniors, Alzheimer Conferences, Historical Societies or any other groups. Give the priceless gift of the past to those in your future. Special emphasis will be put on pictures, medical history and what to do with important documents and keepsakes. This is a four hour workshop. Handouts available.

"Who Am I?" is a student version of the previous workshop. A minimum of one hour or can be extended to two, if time permits. This works well with 6th through 12th graders and provides many ideas for teacher assignments.

For Aspiring Writers

  1. "Beginnings" is the first in a series of four workshops for aspiring writers covering: how to find ideas and markets, proper manuscript format, rights to offer, mailing, dealing with acceptance/rejection, writer jargon, copyright, agents, royalties, writing groups and other aspects. Many helpful handouts. Two and a half hours in length.

  2. "Letters, Letters, Letters" is the second in this series of workshops. This session explains the elements of query, cover, follow-up and book proposal letters. A must for every author. Many helpful handouts. Two and a half hours in length.

  3. "Is Self-publishing the Answer?" is the third in the series of four workshops. Many authors are now going the self-publishing route. June will go into detail with her experiences with both standard and self-publishing options. This is an eye-opener! Many helpful handouts. Two and a half hours in length.

  4. "Marketing Tips" is the fourth and last of these writing workshops. Selling your work is YOUR responsibility. Don't depend on someone else, even your publisher! Be prepared to come up with time, commitment, persistence and discipline. Believe in what you write, be passionate and give it your all. These things are more helpful than any book store or advertising.

The workshops will be offered every fall and spring, watch your local newspaper for information.

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